Lost come Back

  • He was lost and has been found.’” Luke 15:32 AMP
  • But as for your donkeys that were lost three days ago, do not be anxious about them, for they have been *found. 1 Samuel 9:20 NKJV

*4672 מצא [mâtsâ’] \maw-tsaw’\
A primitive root; properly to come forth {to} that {is} appear or exist; transitively to {attain} that {is} find or acquire; figuratively to {occur} meet or be present: – + be {able} {befall} {being} {catch} X certainly (cause to) come ({on} {to} to {hand}) {deliver} be enough (cause to) find ({-ing} {occasion} {out}) get (hold {upon}) X have ({here}) be {here} {hit} be {left} light (up-) {on} meet ({with}) X occasion {serve} (be) {present} {ready} {speed} {suffice} take hold on.

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