Quiet Time/Time with God (Bible Study)

Spend some time with God daily. It doesn’t matter if you start with just 5 minutes daily as long as you do it consistently. 

WHY? It is an appointment With God. Click HERE & HERE

WHEN? Any fixed time. For example, early in the morning. Click HERE

WHERE? Anywhere where you are alone with God. Click HERE

WHAT? What do you do in your Quiet Time – See suggestions below

  1. WORSHIP: Spend time in worshipping God daily. Sing or listen to worship songs. See examples HERE (English), HERE (Hindi)HERE (malayalam)
  2. PRAY: Spend time in prayer daily. For example, make a prayer list.  See a useful App HERE (iOS) or HERE (Android)
  3. BIBLE: Spend some time reading the Bible. Choose any book you like to read. For example, read a paragraph or chapter of the Bible. See useful websites HERE and HERE