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Key Verse

  • Then Asa called to the Lord his God and said, “Lord, there is no one besides You to help in the battle between the powerful and those who have no strength; help us, Lord our God, for we trust in You, and in Your name have come against this multitude. Lord, You are our God; do not let man prevail against You.” 2 Chronicles 14:11 NASB

Why go to God in crisis

  • Give us help against the enemy, For the help of man is worthless (ineffectual, without purpose). Psalm 60:11 AMP
  • Give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain [a worthless hope]. Psalm 108:12 AMP
  • I lift up my eyes to the hills– where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2 NIV

Those who went to GOD in crisis

1. Esther

  • Mordecai told him everything that had happened to him, including the exact amount of money Haman had promised to pay into the royal treasury for the destruction of the Jews. … “All the king’s officials and the people of the royal provinces know that for any man or woman who approaches the king in the inner court without being summoned the king has but one law: that he be put to death. The only exception to this is for the king to extend the gold scepter to him and spare his life. But thirty days have passed since I was called to go to the king.” … Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai: “Go, gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me; neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. My maids and I will fast likewise. And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish! Esther 4:7, 11 NIV 1984 & Esther 4:15-16 NKJV
Other versions
  • Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai, “Go, gather all the Jews that are present in Susa, and observe a fast for me; do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my maids also will fast in the same way. Then I will go in to [see] the king [without being summoned], which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish.” Esther 4:15-16 AMP
Potential Problems
  1. Destruction of Jews
  2. Her being put to death for approaching the King unsummoned

Resorted to fasting and asked others to fast for her as well.

2. Others

  • Daniel: When Daniel knew that the document had been signed, he went to his house where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as he had done previously. Then these men came by agreement and found Daniel making petition and plea before his God. Daniel 6:10-11 ESV
  • King Hezekiah: In those days Hezekiah was sick and near death. And Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, went to him and said to him, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Set your house in order, for you shall die, and not live.’ ” Then he turned his face toward the wall, and prayed to the Lord, saying, “Remember now, O Lord, I pray, how I have walked before You in truth and with a loyal heart, and have done what was good in Your sight.” And Hezekiah wept bitterly. 2 Kings 20:1-2 NKJV
  • Shunammite woman: Now when she came to the man of God at the hill, she caught him by the feet, but Gehazi came near to push her away. But the man of God said, “Let her alone; for her soul is in deep distress, and the LORD has hidden it from me, and has not told me.”…The mother of the boy said, “As surely as the LORD lives and you yourself live, I will not leave you.” So he got up and followed her2 Kings 4:27 NKJV & 4:30 NASB
  • Hannah: Hannah answered, “No, my lord, I am a woman with a despairing spirit. I have not been drinking wine or any intoxicating drink, but I have poured out my soul before the LORD. 1 Samuel 1:15 AMP

They sought help from GOD not man nor did they rely on their own prowess i.e. Queen Esther did not use her power as a Queen against Haman.
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